Sunday, February 10, 2013

V2 New Home Update

Week Seven - Electrical was installed and we had the four way inspection. Half way done! Only 7 more weeks to go!

(master bath tub and shower)

 Week Eight - Insulation was installed, and drywall was hung and taped/mudded. 

(kitchen and dining area)

Week Nine - The walls were textured.


Week Ten - Tile was layed and hardwood flooring was install0ed. More finish work was completed as well... closet shelving, trim work, interior doors, and stair railing. Did I mention one of my good friends (Jana) is building on the street behind us? So exciting! Her husband took pictures of the house for us while we were out of town. Thank you! My sweet dad also snapped some pictures for us. We got our completion date, March 11th! That's a few days sooner than expected.
(master bath tile)

(another view of the master bath tile)

(kitchen wood flooring... all covered up:) )

Week Eleven - The house was painted and stained, cabinets were installed, and some exterior work was done.

(view from the mud room)

Week Twelve - Countertops were put on, appliances were installed, finish plumbing was done, and rock was put on the exterior.

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  1. If it is done. Please post the images because ?I'm interested on it. I'm sure to be back. Thank you so much for sharing!

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