Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Disney Land, Christmas, and Anniversary

December was such a busy but fun month! We spent five days in California, four of which were in Disney Land. We thought we'd be burned out by day two, but we realized It' s a must with a toddler. We rode just about all the rides and ate all the good foods (plus extra dole whips). Kinlee did so well and had such a good time. Her favorite rides were the carousel (same as last year) and The Little Mermaid.
We had such a good Christmas too! Kinlee loved watching her cousins open presents, probably more than opening them herself. I actually enjoyed not having my house decorated this year. It was a different, but good experience. We were able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas even more. I also loved not having to worry about cleaning up after. So relaxing! ...although I plan on decorating in the future.;)
Kraig and I celebrated our 5th anniversary! Kinlee stayed with her cousins at aunt Mel's house (Thank you! Thank you!), while we spent the night in Salt Lake. We stayed at our first Bed and Breakfast and absolutely loved it! Anniversary Inn has such fun themed rooms and an amazing breakfast! I'm so terrible at taking pictures lately, we wouldn't have any if it weren't for Kraig. I hope you're all surviving this cold long January!

(part of the Tuscany room... pictures aren't the greatest, so it doesn't do it justice)
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