Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Update

Hey ya'll! Thought it was time to leave an update. I can't believe it's December!!! I'm such a Scrooge! I'm not putting out any Christmas decor this year... not even a tree! My OCD already has me organizing and packing for the move. Pulling out the decorations would only throw me into the nut house! The "disease" (aka perfectionosis) has improved over the years, but lately I've been showing signs of digression.
We're looking forward to these next few weeks. We have Christmas parties, a trip to Disney Land, digging for the new house, more Christmas parties, and the celebration of our 5th anniversary coming up. I guess I should include Christmas in there too. Good thing Nanna Kay will be having us over for Christmas night (Can we Nanna?) so Santa will have a tree to leave Kinlee's presents under (Which by the way, my mom has the most amazing tree!).
Kinlee has grown leaps and bounds these last few months! There is no limit to her vocabulary! Her latest feat has been to say the word "pleeease" when she wants something. She says it in the most adorable way, it makes it hard to refuse her! And boy does she get the bizzy clean bee from her Momma! Just last night Kraig and I were appalled to watch her pick up a plastic sack (that she was previously playing with), open up the pantry door, and throw it away! All without ever being asked! Did I mention that she's only 19 months?
Kraig and I love to make accusations about what she'll be when she grows up... lately it's an artist (thanks to her Great Grandmother Olsen, it runs in the family). She loves to color for hours on end! It's the first thing she wants to do when she wakes up and one of the last things she does before bed. We just love that girl to death! It'd probably be good for her to have another sibling to share in all the hugs and kisses, but she'll have to make due for now.;)
Progress is coming along on the new home. Every thing's been picked out, we're just waiting for city permits to begin digging. Building wasn't originally the plan, but things NEVER go the way I have planned (Is it just me?). Can't really complain though, because the alternative is always far better! After months of waiting on the short sale, we backed out because we didn't feel good about it. Lucky for us things took so long or else we would have made a huge mistake! Our prayers have truly been answered!
With the winter season here, Kraig's work load is slowing down. We look forward to a few extra hours the three of us get to spend together. Kraig's also planning on doing some work on the home, so the timing of building couldn't be more perfect!
That's about all the time I've got for now! Pin It

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