Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Time

I thought it time to update the ol' blog. We have had such a fun summer! In fact, I think this is the first summer in a long time where I feel like I've taken full advantage of the warm weather and am ready for fall. We've spent most of our days at the splash pad (part of our HOA), eating otter pops and snow cones, shopping, and we've even gone to the drive-in. In June, we spent a couple days with Kraig's family in Lake Powell. We enjoyed staying our nights in a hotel for our first time, and the days on a houseboat. The biggest event of our summer yet... we're in the process of buying a home in Mapleton! Surprise! Ya, you all probably already know. We meant to keep it a secret til we actually closed, but we're all so excited to be moving back home. We put an offer on a house in April and because of the short sale process, we're still waiting to close. We're told it's a matter of "when" not "if". We probably would have given up and moved on to another one, but we just feel that the house is meant to be ours.
McKinlee's become lil' miss independent these last few weeks and has insisted on completely independently feeding herself. Kinlee also cut to molars this months and has gone from 8 to 10 teeth with others close behind. Her newest words are balloon (boon), ball, and... (blank mind) Such a cutie pie!
I randomly decided to start doing zumba about a monthish ago. I'm pretty sure that this is the first time since high school where I've been consistently exercising. With a little effort, I've finally lost my last five pregnancy pounds. Whoot! I've also spent a lot of my nights doing gel nails for my "condo" friends. So much fun!
Kraig's been busy busy with work. He changed positions this year and has gone from SL estimator to scheduler. He has really liked his new position. Not a lot of people know this, but I was really skeptical of having Kraig work for family (because of negative experiences others have had with combining family and work)(oldest brother owns Eckles). In fact, I encouraged him not too. I sure am glad he went ahead and accepted the job anyway. It's been such a blessing to be apart of Eckles.
We've noticed that 1 is the magic number for your kid(s) to turn, when people start asking you when you're going to have another. Since I've basically posted every detail of our In Vitro process in the past, we all know I keep very little private. My cute niece Hope asked us the baby question a few months back and I said something like, "We'd love to  have one now, you'll have to help us pray to Heavenly Father to get one." She replied with, "If I pray, you'll have hundreds of kids!" So cute! Last time we checked, we have a 2% chance of getting pregnant naturally. As far as we can tell, nothings changed. We've talked about trying our one frozen embryo this winter. Guess we'll see. It's crazy how fast you forget what a challenge infertility is when you see that pink positive pregnancy sign and how fast it all comes become when you want more. God has a plan. I'm still trying to make sense of everything we've gone through to get McKinlee, but one thing I do know for sure is that he knows us and I have faith that he will answer our prayers when the time is right.
That's it for now! Can't wait to see what fall with bring!
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  1. yay for blogs! i didnt know you had one, now i can feel like we see each other every day still!