Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ode to the Bib

I purchased this sweet lil' baby months back (We're talking about bib baby, not baby baby... although I did purchase that too.:))
and have absolutely loved it! Every mother with baby/toddler should have one. This is ain't your mediocre Velcro or tie bib. There's no way Kinlee would keep something like that on! Granted she is freakishly strong. It's made out of a soft plastic material that makes for easy cleanup. Just rinse and immediately reuse! And lets not forgot the "always open pocket"... not only can the babes top stay clean, but also the bottoms (and your feet). It always makes me giggle when I see Kinlee pick threw the pocket and finish off her remains.
Every time I look at you bib, I think of how you've made feeding time so much easier. You are the one and only bib for me! I look forward to the many years I'll spend being grateful I purchased you. Although, some of those years you might be replaced with blue.;)

Baby Bjorn Bib - Amazon $11.95
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