Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nine Months Old

Kinlee had her nine month check-up today.  She's 95% in length, 50% in weight, and as always 50% in head.  It's crazy to me as to how much she's grown in just the last week.  She...
-waves hi and bye.
-said her first word (besides "ya" and "hi")!  Mamma!!!  Which is so appropriate because we all know who she loves most!;)
-can go from a lying to sitting position.
-can pull up on furniture and has almost mastered walking along side it.
-has started to stand and let go of things.
-cut her two top teeth (that makes two bottom, two top).

She has recently also discovered that she can poop in the tub.  She had so much fun the first time that it happened, that she decided to do it the following two days after that.  We love our beautiful, bright, McKinlee and we thank our Heavenly Father every day that we get to have her be apart of our family. Pin It

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