Sunday, October 2, 2011

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I can't believe it's already September!!! For the first time in twenty years, school has started without me! I miss being apart of the new school year excitement, BUT I absolutely love being home with McKinlee. It's my biggest and best dream come true!

Kinlee gets bigger every day. I love seeing her reach new milestones, but the time is going by way to fast! I'm sad to say that she has most definitely out grown the newborn stage. At fifteen weeks, she reached her latest and greatest feat, rolling over (both ways). At her four month check-up, she measured 50% in all weight, height, and head. She's still doing great at bf, but she also started homemade solids (rice cereal, peas, and avocado... so far). She's just recently transitioning from nineish hours of sleep to a good solid twelve. She'll be five months this coming Wednesday.

Kraig has been crazy busy with work! Last year, Kraig was responsible for the Park City and Salt Lake market. The company had so much success, that this year, Kraig's just been over Salt Lake (Eckels hired another estimator to be over Park City). He has a very competitive nature and is working hard to meet some goals. We all look forward the time he'll have "off" in the winter. We feel so lucky that he has such a great job.

As for me, my summer has been filled with some serious homemaking. I take care of McKinlee, clean, and cook. And if I'm being honest with my self... LOTS of shopping! To some, my days would seem pretty boring, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love it all!!! Right down to those sweet baby toes!

P.S. There is one thing I could do without... and that's all this hair I'm losing! I vacuum big ol' hair balls of my floor multiple times a week! Just when I think I can't possibly lose any more, out comes another hand full! How am I not already bald?! Pin It

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